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Established in September of 1996, the Patient & Community Partnership for Education is based out of the Office of UBC Health at the University of British Columbia (UBC). We work to promote a partnership model of client-health professional communication in line with current trends in health care including evidence-based practice, client-centred care and informed and shared decision making.

Our aim is to improve client involvement in health care decision-making through collaborative research, development of community driven programs and client participation in health professional education that leads to greater client involvement in decisions about their health care.  

Working within the community and academia, our work is to understand the drivers and barriers that influence client-professional communications and consequent health outcomes. We strive to affect change in professional practice, curriculum of health and human service programs and client communication. This work is made possible by multiple granting agencies and sponsors. 



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Summaries and resources of our projects and programs are available on this site, and we encourage you to contact us if you have any inquiries.  


Annual Reports

Learning from Patients Report 2016-17
PCPE Annual Report 2015-16

Where's the Patient's Voice in Health Professional Education?

On November 2015, 260 delegates from 15 countries gathered in Vancouver for the 2nd international conference on 'Where's the Patient's Voice in Health Professional Education - 10 years on?' 

The conference featured over 150 presentations of patient and public involvement from across the globe and was well attended by patients, students, health professionals and academics alike. 
The Vancouver Statement was developed at the conference to set out priorities for the involvement of patients in the education of health and social care professionals.

Full paper: The patient ' s voice in health and social care professional education : The Vancouver Statement
Angela Towle , Christine Farrell , Martha E Gaines , William Godolphin , Gabrielle John , Cathy Kline , Beth Lown , Penny Morris , Jools Symons , Jill Thistlethwaite. International Journal of Health Governance 2016 21:1, 18-25
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