Donations for the "Talk to Your Doc" Program

As a non-profit agency, the ‘Talk to Your Doc’ program continues to rely on the generosity of our funders. We thank-you for your consideration in supporting the program.

If you would like to donate to the program, please contact the program coordinator, Cathy Kline at or 604-822-8002.


Since 1999, 417 medical students have facilitated workshops for over 4,000 high school students in Vancouver, Victoria, and Prince George. We are currently experiencing a growing demand to conduct these workshops and are exploring ways to improve and extend our reach. 

Results from our 2008 program evaluation indicate that teens who attended TTYD workshops demonstrated increased confidence in their ability to discuss problems openly with their doctor; increased confidence that information will remain confidential; and are more willing to take an active role in their health.
Furthermore, medical students gain insight into adolescent needs and expectations and strengthen useful communication skills when they interact with teens in large and small groups. Suggestions from evaluation participants to extend the reach identified value in introducing:
·      An online ‘Planning 10’ module as part of the Vancouver Learning Network (VLN) curriculum
·      Improved online resources for teens, parents and teachers including an chat space for teens
·      Workshop-oriented fieldtrips to UBC medical school campuses
As we work to build on this success, we believe the above suggestions will aid in supporting the ever growing interest in our workshops.