• Office of the Vice-Provost Health (UBC): Leading the way in interprofessional health education and research, this office brings together UBC’s 15 health and human service programs for collaborative education and practice.
  • Patient & Community Voices in Health Professional Education ( This program is facilitated by the Division of Health Care Communication and is an innovative approach to health professional education. Students, community health organizations, individual patients and faculty work together to develop, facilitate, and evaluate community-led educational experiences for health professional students.
  • American Academy on Communication in Health Care: AACH fosters best patient care by advocating a relationship-centered approach to healthcare communication, education and research.
  • Community-Campus Partnerships for Health: A non profit organization that promotes health through partnerships between communities and higher educational institutions. Promoting health through service-learning, community-based participatory research, broad-based coalitions and other partnerships strategies.
  • Center for Communication and Medicine: The Center for Communication and Medicine works to improve communication in and about medicine through innovative teaching and assessment, theory-driven research with practical value, and an international exchange of information, tools, and experience.
  • Consumers' Health Forum of Australia  is  and independant member-based non-governmental organization that represents and involves consumers in health policy and program development.
  • Community-Campus Partnerships for Health is a nonprofit organization that promotes health through partnerships between communities and higher educational institutions and has a growing network of over growing network 1,800 communities and campuses across North America and the Globe.
  • Involve is a national advisory group, funded through the UK National Institute for Health Research  (NIHR).  Its role is to support and promote active public involvement in NHS, public health and social care research.


Interactive Forums

  • Patient's Voice Network: A forum-style site dedicated to innovations, conferences and more, related to patient involvement and engagement in health professional education.