We have created numerous instructional and demonstrative videos for students, practitioners and community members. These videos outline Informed and Shared Decision Making, the P.A.C.E- communication framework and 'how to' practice guides. If you would like to see the full list of our productions, please view the Title Lists.
Please note that some videos require the Quicktime plugin to view. The videos may take a few minutes to download.


Health Mentors Program

Video 1:Testimonial: Mentor & Student
Mentors and Students share their experiences in the Health Mentors Program
Video 2: Promotional : Faculty, Mentor and Student Perspectives
Faculty, Mentors and Students share why the HM Program is important in the context of interprofessional and patient centered learning.

Aboriginal Community as Teacher

Community as TeacherUBC students learn alongside Aboriginal youth at summer camps led by Elders, youth workers  and cultural leaders.The program won a national Community Service-Learning award from the  J.W. McConnell Foundation in 2012.


Patient & Community Voices in Health Professional Education

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In this project patients become professors and teach UBC health professional students what it's like to live with a chronic health concern. Students learn directly from patients, through their stories and from their expertise. To learn more about the Patient & Community Voices project please visit:

Instructional Videos for Health Care Students / Practitioners

Working with Interpreters in the Health Care Setting

Interpreters ImageDemonstrates use of trained and untrained interpreters.
17:57 © UBC 2006

Engaging Patients as Teachers in a Clinical Setting

Patient Teacher ImageIllustrates how to engage a patient in an active teaching role.
7:51 © UBC 2007

Communicating With Your Doctor - P.A.C.E. For Patients

Supporting Materials - P.A.C.E Manual for Facilitators

The Case Of Bill And Lillian Thomas (Stroke Survivor)

blthomas ImageBill had a stroke 8 years ago. Lillian is Bill's wife and caregiver. Dr. Andy Stewart is Bill's GP.
9:47 © UBC 2003

The Case Of Sandy Lewis (Mental Health)

slewis ImageSandy Lewis has schizophrenia. Her symptoms have been stabilized with medication. She is coming to terms with her diagnosis and beginning to regain her autonomy.
8:36 © UBC 2004

The Case Of Peter Johnson (Seniors)

pjohnson ImagePeter has asthma. Dr. Joan has been Peter's GP for 15 years.
7:40 © UBC 2001

Informed & Shared Decision Making (ISDM) For Health Care Professionals

The Case Of Beth Miller

bmiller ImageBeth wants to discuss treatments for hot flashes.
14:02 © UBC 2000

The Case Of Bob Smith

bsmith ImageBob would like to review his medication for high blood pressure.
12:40 © UBC 2001

The Case Of Sara Clark

sclark ImageSara has concerns about her birth control pills.
9:52 © UBC 2003

The Case Of Simone Price

sprice ImageSimone recently moved to Vancouver. She is looking for a new doctor and wants her prescription renewed.
13:15 © UBC 2001

The Case Of Sarah Reilly

sreilly ImageSarah had unprotected sex and is concerned she is pregnant.
12:00 © UBC 2002

The Case Of Thomas Jorgensen

tjorgensen ImageCarla Jorgensen is concerned that her son Thomas (age 5) may have an ear infection.
16:26 © UBC 2002

The Case Of Ginger Vincent (Pharmaceutical Care)

gvincent ImageGinger is looking for alternatives to her anti-depressant treatment in a community pharmacy.
14:38 © UBC 2001

The Case Of Don Jamieson (Physiotherapy)

djamieson ImageDescriptive sentence.
© UBC 2001

The Case Of Patricia Varone (Occupational Therapy)

pvarone ImageDescriptive sentence.
© UBC 2001