What We Do


Patient & Community Partnership for Education collaborates with community and academic partners to complete research and create programs which strive to improve client-health professional communication.  Projects range from teaching adolescents in BC schools the skills for taking an active role in their healthcare, to actively involving community members in the education of health professional students. Information about ongoing and completed projects can be found below or in the side menu.


Informed and Shared Decision Making


Informed Shared Decision Making (ISDM) is the underlying framework upon which all other projects and programs in the Division are based. ISDM occurs when a decision about management options, for a healthcare problem is made jointly by health professional and client.


Current projects


Interprofessional Health Mentors Program

The interprofessional longitudinal ‘Health Mentors’ (HM) program is a unique educational experience in which teams of students from different disciplines learn together from and with a mentor (patient/client) with a chronic condition or disability (an expert in their life).

Talk To Your Doc

Interactive workshops for seniors, stroke survivors, adolescents and parents in the child-bearing years that teach communication skills to get more out of your visit to the doctor. Workshops utilize the P.A.C.E framework developed by Dr. Donald Cegala.

Patient & Community Voices Workshop Series

Patients and caregivers become educators and teach UBC health professional students what it is like to live with a chronic illness or disability. Topics for the workshops have included, but are not limited to: stigma, peer-support, recovery, community resources, helpful aids, early diagnosis, health care challenges, communication and patient expertise.

Allies in Health: Community & Patient Fair for Health Professional Education

This annual, one-day interprofessional eventconnects community-based organizations, patient support groups and individuals involved in these agencies with students and faculty at UBC. The Fair recognizes the unique expertise and role of people in the community in the education of health professionals and promotes meaningful partnerships between UBC and the communities it serves.

Health Care Communications in the Aboriginal Community: Community as Teacher Program

An annual program for health professional students to participate in cultural summer camps that aim to strengthen communication and trust between Aboriginal clients and their future health care providers.


Health Advocacy Training for Residents

Addressing the CanMEDS role of health advocate through the involvement of patients and community organizations in postgraduate education.



Community Voices in Health Professional Education (CVHEd)

A three-year community-based participatory action research project.


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